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Specialty Programs

Daddy & Me Playgroup

A playgroup exclusively for dad, grandpa, and/or male role model and their children. Families will enjoy a light supper, free playtime with their children, crafts, songs, and games. Early learning activities to assist in preparing their children in healthy child development are available in a child friendly, fun playroom.
Resources will be available for dads to borrow dealing with their role in the family, ideas for activities to do with their children, as well as family challenges.
Daddy & Me Playgroup runs Tuesdays 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. and is located at:
Ontario Early Years Centre
465 Advance Ave 
Napanee, ON K7R4A7

Francophone Playgroup

Voulez-vous participer dans une group de jeu francophone? Contactez nous au 613-354-6318 pour en discuter.

School Readiness

We offer a school readiness program. Would you like more information on available sessions and locations? Please call 613-354-6318 ext 23 for more information.

Let's Play with Baby

A playgroup geared to parents and their babies 0 – 18 months. Families will participate in activities that promote healthy child development. Learn the importance of reading, singing and playing with your baby. Parents have the opportunity to borrow resources to assist them with parenting challenges. Parenting workshops and guest speakers on breastfeeding, infant nutrition, car seat safety and more. 
A Mother Goose program, Yoga for Moms & Babies, can be offered during this time if there is enough interest by participants.

Thursdays 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. and is located at: 

Ontario Early Years Centre
465 Advance Ave 
Napanee, ON K7R4A7

Kid's Connecting Playgroup

Would you like helpful information on helping your child acheive their milestones? L.A.R.C's Resource Consultant Program and the Infant Development Program at Hotel Dieu Hospital team up to offer this informative playgroup.  For times and locations please contact Karen Jeffrey at 613-354-6318 ext 30